Overcoming The Attack of The Devil – 1Peter 5:8

SUNDAY, 26 JULY 2015,


Overcoming the Attack of The Devil


We are under the attack of the roaring lion 1Peter5:8

We are under the attack of the thief John10:10

We are under the attack of principalities, powers, rulers & spiritual hosts Ephesians6:12

Jesus suffered attack – Jesus was tempted by the devil Matthew4:3-10

The apostle Paul suffered attack – Paul was buffeted by satan 2Corinthians12:7

Ananias suffered attack – Satan filled his heart Acts5:3

Jesus defeated the devil – we have the victory through Jesus Christ.

The worksof the devil are destroyed 1John3:8

Jesus has already declared victory on our behalf Colossians2:14-15

Yes, Jesus won the victory but we must re-enforced Christ’s victory in our own lives.


The question – are you able to re-enforce the victory of Christ in your life?


Are you an over-comer? Revelation12:11


This is how we overcome:

By the blood of the lamb Exodus12:23

By the word of testimony 1Timothy6:12

Jesus overcame using the Word of God – “It is written …” Matthew4:3-10

By not loving ourselves

Love God – love Jesus with everything Mark12:30

Resisting the Devil James4:7, 1Peter5:8-9


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