The book of Ezra was commenced with the royal announcement from Cyrus, king of Persia, that happened at 537 BC. And indeed it was the opportunity from God for His people since God Himself stirred the heart of the king to fulfil the promise and the prophecy given through Jeremiah, God’s prophet. That announcement brought the 1st group of people returning from the exile back to the land of promises (only about 50,000 peoples out of 1 million Jewish people that went to the exile around 70 years before).


However, Ezra was not in that 1st batch. Why? He was born at 480 BC (about 57 years after the 1st return) and Ezra led the 2nd group of people (about 5,000) came home when he was about 22 / 23 years old (around 458 / 457 BC) and then died 17 years later at his 40 (440 BC)! Though he only had a quite short time of life, but amazingly Ezra gave very good response toward God’s will and he led the people of Israel in the restoration era to get to the NEXT LEVEL! What actually Ezra did to bring God’s people to get there? Let’s check it out together!

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