Good Friday is the day when the believers would like, not only to remember the death of Jesus Christ, but also to proclaim it! The death of Jesus Christ upon the cross is the fundamental and the most important event toward the journey of our faith. It is not the miracles of Jesus that gave us salvation, but His death upon the cross did it for us!


So, what makes it so special for us so that all believers all around the world keep remembering, and also proclaiming His death, not only once in a year but it should be every single day in our life? It is only because He is JESUS! He is God, He came from heaven down here to the earth, and He accomplished His mission to the cross, to die for you and for me.


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Sermon Notes: Sermon Notes Great Friday 2Apr21

Ayat khotbah bahasa Indonesia: Ayat Khotbah Jumah Agung 2Apr21

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