Committing any sins will definitely bring consequences! But by acknowledge it in the right way in the presence of God, believers will be able to go back to the right track and continue their journey of faith from glory to glory. What had happened is sometimes believers say sorry to God but they do not really mean it. Sometimes asking forgiveness just happened for a ritual opening whenever believers lift up their prayer. Forgiveness is something that very important to know and to learn, so that we can let God to recover our life and bring us back to His divine plan, from glory to glory.


As we are continuing with the book of 2 Samuel, we will learn from the life story of David, specially when he fell into a serious sin, but then God forgave him completely and continue His promise in the family of David.


Sermon Notes: Sermon Notes 21Mar21

Ayat Khotbah: Ayat Khotbah 21Mar21

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