We all need wisdom! But what kind of wisdom that actually we are looking for? This world has so many kinds of wisdom, even the Bible mention about several kinds of wisdom throughout the days of the Bible. Above it all, there is one wisdom that excelled the wisdom of this world, and it is the wisdom of God. Why we need the wisdom of God? How we can have it? Wisdom is not only something abstract, indeed it is a true thing that can be seen by people around us, and it will reveal the excellency of God’s Kingdom through our life. So, how that wisdom will bring our life more meaningful?



The history of the kingdom of Israel & Judah truly become a great & precious lesson for believers to bring God’s Kingdom happens in earth! Lots of things happened during the period of the kingdom. It not only shaped the history but also adds a divine value within the journey of our faith.


Saul was the first king in the united kingdom (c. 1052 BC), and Solomon was the last king before the kingdom then divided into the northern kingdom – the kingdom of Israel and the southern kingdom – the kingdom of Judah (c.931 BC). Various kings ruled Israel and Judah until the fall of the northern kingdom in 722 BC and the fall of Jerusalem (capital of the southern kingdom) in 586 BC. All of those 466 years of history were recorded from the perspective of God and written in the book of Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles. https://www.gotquestions.org/Bible-timeline.html


The first lesson that we are going to learn now is about the importance of having the wisdom of God to live in His Kingdom.


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